Shift Intake
1st Shift Regular 180
2nd Shift Regular 60
1st Shift lateral 36
2nd Shift lateral 12

Core Curriculum:

Semester I

  • 3610001 - Fundamentals of Programming Download
  • 3620002 - Fundamentals of Web Download
  • 3610003 - Program Design techniques Download
  • 3620004 - Fundamentals of Computer Organization Download
  • 3610005 - Communications Skills Download
  • 3610006 - Software Project Download

Semester II

  • 3620001 - Fundamentals of Programming - II Download
  • 3620002 - Data Structures Download
  • 3620003 - Operating Systems Download
  • 3620004 - Object-Oriented Unified Modelling Download
  • 3620005 - Software Projects - II Download

Semester III

Semester IV

  • 3640001 - Basic Statistics Download
  • 3640002 - Basic Computer Science - 3 Download
  • 3640003 - Basic Computer Science - 4 Download
  • 3640004 - Network Security-Elective-3 Download
  • 3640005 - Data Analytics with R-Elective-3 Download
  • 3640006 - Data Mining--Elective-3 Download
  • 3640014 - Advanced Python-Elective-4 Download
  • 3640015 - Android Programming-Elective-4 Download

Semester V

  • 3650001 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms Download
  • 3650002 - Artificial Intelligence Download
  • 3650003 - Digital Technology Trends Download
  • 3650005 - Java Web Technology-Elective-V Download
  • 3650007 - Search Engine Techniques-Elective-V Download
  • 3650011 - Software Quality and Assurance-Elective-VI Download
  • 3650012 - Cloud Computing-Elective-VI Download
  • 3650015 - Data Visualization-Elective-VI Download

Semester VI

  • Neha H. Surti

Hod's Message

Bhagwan Mahavir college of management surat was established in 2007 It started MCA programme with distinct characteristics and philosophy. It is based on the strong belief that the students are to be groomed for their holistic development in an adopted environment. The faculties practically play the role of Parent cum Change agent.

Our faculties have developed these young students with some “difference”. This difference conspicuously is present in terms of performance. Out of 500 MBAs appeared under VNSGU exams only three MBAs found their position with distinction, out of these three, two were Mahavirians who secured 1st and 3rd position in entire VNSGU. This Achievement was possible because of “difference” in approach along with a “culture of commitment by the faculty”.

Our MBA & MCA programmed are ranked in 1st five in most of the semesters in entire Gujarat of more than 125(MBA) and 80(MCA) institutions. Affiliated with GTU. The SPI obtained by most of our students are above 7.0 and many are around 8.5.

Prof. Hiren R. Raotole
Assistant Professor Database
Prof. Upasana S. Mehta
Assistant Professor Data Mining
Prof. Leena K. Chaudhari
Assistant Professor Web Technology
Prof. Khushboo J. Jagani
Assistant Professor Web Technology
Prof. Harshad Patel
Assistant Professor Web Technology
Prof. Jigisha Purohit
Assistant Professor Web Technology
Prof. Dhaval M. Shah
Assistant Professor Web Searching Technology & Database
Prof. Priyanka P. Desai
Assistant Professor Web Technology
Prof. Tanvi D. Mittal
Assistant Professor Web Technology
Prof. Shashikant I. Patel
Assistant Professor Web Technology & Database
Prof.Tejash Patel
Adhoc Assistant Professor Web Technology


Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management (MCA) provide a large library facility include digital lab facility. All subjects main text book and similar many reference books are provided to students. near by 65 types of journals and other magazies are available here.


Computer Lab

Well Furnished Computer Lab with 120 Computer in It.


Conference Room

Well Furnished Conference room with 60 seats and well equipped with a large screen for presentations.


Seminar Hall

Well Furnished Seminar Hall with 120 seats and well equipped with a large screen for presentations.


Basketball Court

Well maintained Basketball Court in campus


Cricket Play Ground

Well maintained Cricket playground in campus


Magazines and Journals

65 types of Journals and other Magazies are available here.

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    Mind Spark is a Technical Fest of Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management ( MCA ) Department. This event organized every year. This year there were total 7 diffrent kind of events in this fest about

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    The workshop is conducted on 06/07/2018 on very important and current marketing topic that is "Digital marketing". Useful learning session on SEO, role of keywords, meta site tag and how

Images Mind Spark 2018
Start Date:February, 5th 2018
End Date:February, 5th 2018
Rules & Regulations
Images Alumni Meet
Start Date:July, 14th 2018
End Date:July, 14th 2018

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