• Candidates shall have passed the Standard 12th Examination in Science Stream (A / AB) OR Commerce Stream (Mathematics / Business Mathematics / Statistics / Computer - any one subject is compulsory) OR Vocational Course (in Computer/IT) with minimum 45% (40% in Reserved Category) marks are eligible to apply for the admission in 5 Years Integrated MCA, computed on the basis of grand total or, cumulative grade point average as shown in the mark sheet of the Board (including practical marks).
  • Candidates having diploma (10+3) with course relevant subject with 12th Equivalent certificate issued by Competent Authority (State Education Board) having minimum 45% (40% in Reserved Category) marks are eligible to apply for the admission in 5 Years Integrated MCA.
  • Admissions will be done on the merit basis based on the strength of result of Standard 12th (HSC) or Equivalent Diploma.


Shift Intake
I MCA 60

Core Curriculum:

Semester I

  • 2618601 - Fundamentalof ComputerOrganization (FCO) Download
  • 2618602 - Fundamental of Web (FOW) Download
  • 2618603 - Fundamental of Programming–I (FOP-I) Download
  • 2618604 - Basic Mathematics for IT (BM) Download
  • 2618605 - Communication Skills (CS)* Download

Semester II

  • 2628601 - Data Structures (DS) Download
  • 2628602 - Advanced C Programming (Adv-C) Download
  • 2628603 - Fundamentals of Database Management Systems (DBMS) Download
  • 2628604 - Operational Systems (OS) Download
  • 2628605 - Software Project-1 (SP-1) Download

Semester III

  • 2638601 - Object Oriented Programming in JAVA (OOPJ) Download
  • 2638602 - Basic Statistics (BS) Download
  • 2638603 - Structured and Object Oriented Analysis and Design Methodology (SOOADM) Download
  • 2638604 - Web Design Technology (WDT) Download
  • 2638605 - Software project using Data Structures Download

Semester IV

  • 2648601 - Python (PY) Download
  • 2648602 -  Operations Research (OR) Download
  • 2648603 - Computer Networking (CN) Download
  • 2648604 -  Application Development using LARAVEL (LR) Download
  • 2648605 -  Software Project ( JAVA) Download

Semester V

  • 4450601 - Python (Py) Download
  • 4450602 - Web Development Tools (WDT) Download
  • 4450603 - Fundamentals of Networking Download
  • 4450604 - User Defined Project – 1 (UDP-1) Download

Semester VI

  • 4460601 - Management Information Systems (MIS) Download
  • 4460602 - Software Engineering (SE) Download
  • 4460603 - Environmental Studies (ES) Download
  • 4460604 - User Defined Project-2 (UDP-2) Download

Semester VII

  • 4470601 - Machine Learning Download
  • 4470611 - Mobile Programming Elective-1 Download
  • 4470612 - Data Compressio Elective-1 Download
  • 4470621 - Information Security Elective-2 Download
  • 4470622 - Data Warehousing Elective-2 Download
  • 4470631 - Software Testing Elective-3 Download
  • 4470632 - Enterprise Resource Planning Elective-3 Download
  • 4470605 - Software Project –5 Download

Semester VIII

Semester IX

  • 4490601 - DesignAnalytics and Algorithm (DAA) Download
  • 4490602 - Java Web Technologies (JWT) Download
  • 4490603 - Web Design Methodology(WM) Download
  • 4480604 - Software Project –7 Download
  • 4480605 - Big Data Analytics (BDA) Elective-5 Download
  • 4480606 - Cloud Computing (CC) Elective-5 Download
  • 4480607 - Data Visualization (DV) Elective-5 Download
  • 4480608 - Search Engine Techniques (SET) Elective-5 Download
  • 4480609 - Advanced Networking (AN) Elective-5 Download

Semester X

Prof. Upasana S. Mehta
Assistant Professor
upasana.mehta@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Technology
Prof. Neha H. Surti
Assistant Professor
neha.surti@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Technology
Prof. Leena K. Chaudhari
Assistant Professor
leena.chaudhari@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Technology
Prof. Khushboo J. Jagani
Assistant Professor
khushboo.jagani@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Technology
Prof. Harshad Patel
Assistant Professor
harshad.patel@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Technology
Prof. Dhaval M. Shah
Assistant Professor
dhaval.shah@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Searching Technology & Database
Prof. Tanvi D. Mittal
Assistant Professor
tanvi.mittal@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Technology
Prof. Shashikant I. Patel
Assistant Professor
shashi.patel@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Technology & Database
Prof.Tejash Patel
Assistant Professor
tejash.patel@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Technology
Prof. Dipali Shah
Assistant Professor
dipali.shah@bmefcolleges.edu.in Web Technology


BMCM has Good libraries with books,  online journals/magazines,  print journals/magazines,  news dailies, Reference Section contains Encyclopedias, books on General Knowledge and Competitive Exams, Dictionaries, previous volumes of journals/magazines and Remote access to thousands of libraries through DELNET and also to various reference & plagiarism software.65 types of Journals and other Magazies are available here.


Computer Lab

Well Furnished Computer Lab with 120 Computer in It.System Support Cell provides access to technological resources on campus through a variety of computer labs, classrooms, and IT offices.

The world-class infrastructure created on the campus provides an ambiance conducive to stimulate learning. The architecture, the classrooms, the library, the computing facilities, research centers, all blend to provide a holistic learning environment.


Seminar Hall and Conference Room

Well Furnished Seminar Hall with 120 seats and well equipped with a large screen for presentations and Well Furnished Conference room with 60 seats and well equipped with a large screen for presentations.it has been conducting guest lectures, national and international seminars, conferences,symposia and workshops by eminent speakers/experts from various national and International IITs and Universities . It helps the students to exchange their views and to know the challenges and solutions of 21st century.


Sports Facilities

Well maintained Cricket playground in campus.Since the inception of BMCM, students have been encouraged to participate in various indoor & outdoor sports activities throughout the year. Facilities such as Cricket Ground, Basketball court, Volleyball Court, Hand Ball Court, Badminton court, Football Field, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom etc are available for the students on campus. 



Hygienic, Homely & Healthy Food for all our students and scholars is the top most priority for the management of BMEF. All our hotels have spacious dining halls & messes which serve breakfast, lunch & dinner as per the daily menu with special diet on Sundays. Moreover, there are Food Courts & College Canteens where the students can go for tea, coffee, cold drinks, ice cream, snacks and different varieties of food throughout the day. 

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    Mind Spark is a Technical Fest of Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management ( MCA ) Department. This event organized every year. This year there were total 7 diffrent kind of events in this fest about

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    Seminar on cloud computing was conducted on Date 11/08/2017 by Mr.Shailesh Patel who is Technical person in the pure skills company. Approx 40 students has taken p

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